A promise to myself

OK! Let's try this again... So as I am sitting here updating my website, I realize it has been more than 3 years since I last wrote a post about my adventures. One reason is because adventures have been fewer. Hello 2020! - we all know what that means, and if you're in the future (or space) and you're not sure... find that website we call google, and read all about it, or not, it's kinda depressing. #rantover Two. It's also because I have been busy moving and doing science and all the things and Three. I've just been lazy and have forgotten to update. So here is my promise to myself:

I will be better about updating my Fun! tab.

I am 99% sure I am the only person who actually reads these posts but I love reading them and remembering all the fun things I do, so why not continue to write them. A few updates so I can start from scratch on my next post:

  1. I now live in VA after three years of living in TX. During my Texas time I ran 3 half marathons (Republic of Texas, Houston Half, and another Pittsburgh Half). I started doing Olympic weightlifting! I love it and I'm not great at it but it's a great workout and quite challenging.

  2. I have not run in about 2 years now. My knee has been injured and although I went in for arthroscopic surgery and I'm currently doing PT, it just doesn't seem to get good enough to hit the pavement again. I'll probably just hit the trails anyway.

  3. I am now doing Crossfit instead of Olympic weightlifting. I couldn't find a gym here in Blacksburg, VA to join and continue OW, so I joined a Crossfit box and to be honest, I'm enjoying it way more than I ever thought I would. I still get to work on my snatch and clean & jerks, while also attempting to learn how to do a pull up! SOME DAY! SOME DAY!

  4. I haven't been to a musical or concert since April 2019 when I went to see Hamilton for a second time in Dallas. I hope I can fix this soon. Please Omicron variant go away or something.

  5. I am actively looking for jobs so hopefully soon I'll report on another move. Let's all pray/chant it's the final move.

So that's my update/promise. Next post, something Fun! I promise ;P