Coming back! and on time for training...

July 29, 2019

Wow! it's been a while! I logged in and noticed my last attempt at a post was back in April of 2018... notice the word attempt. I'd written the title of a recap from the Republic of Texas Half marathon. The first half marathon I ever ran with my husband! I guess it's fitting then, that I am coming back to attempting this blogging thing because I'm starting training for my come back half marathon! I haven't run a half since Pittsburgh last year. That was a tough race, I had signed up for a full marathon - my first - yet, I totally failed at my training, kept getting injured, and with all the life changes that occurred leading up to it, I just wasn't able to do it. So I dropped to a half marathon and my wonderful friend Jen joined me. I told her how it was OK if she wanted to take off cause I knew I was going to be super slow and she responded: "I'm here to hang out with you! I don't care about time!" Running friends... aren't they the best? And now, my friend Jeannie has also offered to train with me from afar... I have no words you guys... 


Anyway, earlier this year I decided it was time to go back to running, so I signed up (and my husband) for the Houston Half marathon on October 27th. I'm really looking forward to it! This time I decided I needed help. I have always run using free programs online or what little I know about not going too strong too soon yet I keep getting injured and feeling totally unmotivated. This time, I will be using a program tailored for me by the awesome Becca <3! from ChangeofPaceCoaching. I have known Becca for a long time now and I know how much she loves running and how great she is at making sure you stay injure free and have fun during your training. 


Well, this is a long introduction to say I'm starting my training this week and I hope to make posting a regular thing in order to stay accountable. I know nobody really reads it, but if it helps me push myself, I shall continue doing it. This week my plan says: 3,3,6! 


Keep you posted on how it goes!  




PS: I now do Olympic Weightlifting too, this is the first time I'm training for a race since I started weightlifting, and my lifting coach as well as Becca have made sure to make plans for me that do not kill my body and keep me injury free! 

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