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Last Race of 2016!

State College celebrates every end of the year with the First Night. This includes several activities around downtown, ice sculptures, music, and of course, a Resolution 5K. The wonderful people from my gym have a tradition of running this 5K snow or rain (no shine since it's in the evening). This year I finally joined them. Last year I had planned to run it but I'm a chicken for the cold and cancelled last minute (this subtropical girl doesn't like the snow). I guess the fact that this year I was more consistent with my running (and the peer pressure from my running buddies) gave me the courage to go for it even though it was raining. Really State College? Will I ever understand your weather?

What a wonderful thing it was! Got to run with friends, challenge myself and watch the amazing Becca ( run her first under 30 min 5K!!!! Hope to turn this into a new tradition. Probably not always in SC, since I have to one day graduate and move somewhere else, but regardless of zip code, I'll have the energy of the great Fitology running community. Here a photo I stole from one of my friends. This was us pre-race.

Resolution 5K 2016

After the race (and a much needed shower), I got to end the year with good food and drinks with some of my favorite people at my favorite bar.

To a great 2017, full of science, travels and running ;)

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