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I am a Honduran transplant living in Durham, North Carolina. I have lived in the United States since 2008. I have had the pleasure of living in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and now I am in North Carolina. I recently moved to Durham, a city that has stolen my heart in just a few months.

Come with me as I explore Durham, as well as North Carolina and any other wonderful places I plan to visit! I will try to keep it as cheap as possible too.

Meet also my Beasties - Nova (big dog), Sienna (little dog), Marley (big iguana) and Marvin (little goat).

Nova and Marvin had to stay back in Virginia since they needed more space than what I could afford in NC. However, they are together in a farm and I still receive updates from their new mother.

My beloved Marley passed away in Oct 2022, at almost 15 years old.

Even though all 4 beasties are no longer together, they will always be a part of my growth and experience, so expect to see them in photos or articles.

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